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We at DANTA believe that education must be the cornerstone of any long-lasting conservation policy. Through our classes we aim to raise the level of understanding of tropical fauna and flora, with an emphasis on both the complexity and vulnerability of these hugely important ecosystems. We have a strong belief that global conservation can only work with a wide support base at the local, grass-roots level. It is vital that people living in and around the tropical forests must see value in sustaining these natural resources. To this end, as our organization grows, we will increase the number of Latin American students attending our courses through the provision of scholarships. Secondly, wherever possible, our classes will utilize field stations, such as the one at La Gamba in Costa Rica, and other facilities that are owned and run by local people. Thirdly, we will always encourage our students to support local store owners, craft-makers, and artisans, so that our visits have a positive impact throughout the communities.

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